South Haven implements beach safety program, pays drowning victim's family

Aug 9, 2013

Aaron Mueller of the Kalamazoo Gazette reports on a settlement reached between the family of a 2009 drowning victim, and the "Michigan Municipal Risk Management Association." Martin Jordan of St. Charles, IL drowned in Lake Michigan after being caught up in strong rip currents.

More from Mueller:

The 41-page lawsuit alleges the city of South Haven should have had more safety measures in place to warn swimmers of dangerous water conditions. The attorneys also argued that city officials should have closed the beach that day due to strong rip tides.

The city and the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Association have agreed to pay $400,000 to the Jordan family as part of the settlement, according to information obtained by MLive/Kalamazoo Gazette from the city of South Haven through the Freedom of Information Act ...

Another term of the settlement was implementation of the South Haven Beach Safety program, according to Dissette. The city has put in place a "swimming conditions flag notification system" this beach season.

Recent drownings in Muskegon have prompted calls for a more robust warning system there. The family's settlement with South Haven also called for a memorial plaque and service in remembrance of Martin Jordan, according to Mueller.