Spirit of Detroit suits up for the Tigers, Bing talks trash

Oct 24, 2012

This photo was tweeted out by Matt Helms, City Hall reporter for the Detroit Free Press.

Helms writes in today's Detroit Free Press that Mayor Bing has been trash talking with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

The two have made a wager, writes Helms, "the losing mayor has to visit the other team’s city to participate in a day of service for youth and youth programs."

Bing said he would visit San Francisco some other time, but he didn’t stop the trash talk there.

“He’s going to have to leave his heart in San Francisco, because if he brings it here, we’re going to step on it,” Bing said.

Lee’s best line: He said he had to stop at a medical center this morning because he wasn’t feeling well. The diagnosis: Giants fever.

Michiganders have been inoculated against this disease.