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Spooky sounds from the other side?

Oct 27, 2015

Can we actually hear voices from the "other side"?
Credit Rachel Titiriga / Flickr

A bump in the night, a creaky floor in the attic, a scuffling sound across the room…. The causes?  Maybe the house is settling, a strong wind, a small rodent, or maybe the sounds came from an unknown realm or even, the other side.

Samantha Harris is the founder of the Michigan Paranormal Research Association, based in the Traverse City area. After an “encounter” at an early age, Harris has dedicated herself to researching and documenting the unknown. She has experience with hauntings and dealing with “entities.”

Harris brings some EVPs from Michigan to share on Stateside. EVPs or Electronic Voice Phenomenon are sounds recorded by paranormal researchers while investigating an alleged haunting. The catch? EVPs are not heard until the recordings are played back…. and can be quite disturbing.

Harris’ reply to skeptics?

“Unless you’ve experienced it, why would you believe those things?”