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Spooky Stories: Bewitching tales for your Halloween season

Oct 29, 2018

The leaves are falling. The pumpkins are on the steps. It's the perfect time of year for a good ghost story!

From now until Halloween, Stateside is bringing you creepy, spooky stories of hauntings from across the state. 

So grab some candy, cozy up under a blanket, and take a listen. 

The ghoulish love story of Minnie Quay

  • Jenifer Strauss is a narrative consultant from Traverse City. She tells us why ghost stories capture our imaginations and brings us the tale of the ghost of Minnie Quay from Michigan’s Thumb.

The birds of Beelzebub

  • Detroit-based author and member of the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers Dwight “Skip” Stackhouse tells us about his encounter with the netherworld as a minister with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

A Grand Haven murder mystery 

  • Amberrose Hammond writes about Michigan’s paranormal stories and haunted places. She shares a story she calls "The Ghost of Kate Koopman” about a murder mystery centered around an infamous house in Grand Haven.

An Ypsilanti haunting

  • Joseph Zettelmaier is a Michigan-based playwright who appreciates the dark side. Each year, he directs a gothic horror play and puts on The Dark Side Radio Hour. So, it makes sense that Zettelmaier would have a story about his own encounter with a ghost in Ypsilanti. 

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