Stabenow: President Obama made the 'right' decision on Libya | Michigan Radio

Stabenow: President Obama made the 'right' decision on Libya

Aug 21, 2011

Michigan U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow says the events in Libya this weekend vindicate President Obama’s decision to support NATO’s involvement there.  

“I think it does indicate that the president was correct…well obviously…it was a very very difficult situation…a very difficult decision for him to make…but it was the right one.”

Initially, the U.S. supervised a “No Fly Zone”  which prevented Libyan government troops from attacking disorganized rebel forces.  Eventually, NATO took control of air operations over Libya. 

The president was sharply criticized by some Republican lawmakers for providing U.S. military resources to assist NATO support of the Libyan rebels.  Other Republicans criticized President Obama for waiting too long to act against the Libyan leader.