Stabenow: Supports the “peaceful transfer of power” but calls President-Elect’s comments “disgusting

Jan 17, 2017

Credit USDAgov / Creative Commons http://michrad.io/1LXrdJM

With President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration just days away, some Michigan Congress members are speaking out about his latest Twitter feud.

Georgia Congressman John Lewis called Trump an illegitimate president during an interview with NBC News. Then, days before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Trump fired back at the civil rights hero on Twitter saying he was “all talk”.

Now Lewis and over twenty members of Congress are speaking out against Trump by boycotting his inauguration.

Democratic US Senator Debbie Stabenow spoke out against Trump after speaking at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission Luncheon in Lansing. Sen. Stabenow told reporters, “I think what the President-Elect said about John Lewis is really disgusting and I don’t blame Congressman Lewis at all for either his feelings or his actions.”

But Sen. Stabenow will be attending despite calling Trump’s comments disgusting. 

“To me this is about the peaceful transfer of power and as a member of Congress regardless of who the president is, whether I voted for them or not, I attend out of respect for our democratic process,” she said.

Stabenow continued, “But that doesn’t mean in any way that I support what the President-Elect has said in attacking a civil rights icon like John Lewis,” she said.

Michigan Congressman John Conyers has said he won’t be attending the inauguration.