State appealing ruling against privatization in home for veterans

Oct 25, 2011

Michigan’s Attorney General is appealing a ruling that prevents the privatization of nursing assistants as a state-run home for veterans.

The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans is one of two state-run hospitals (the other, much smaller one, is in Marquette) for veterans in Michigan. More than 700 veterans are housed there.

This year Governor Rick Snyder approved privatizing more than 100 nursing assistants at the home to save the state $4.2 million. That contract was supposed to go into effect October 1st.

One veteran sued, alleging he and fellow residents faced “significant injury… abuse and neglect at the hands of a private company.” An Ingham County Circuit Court judge ruled in his favor earlier this month and stopped the state from implementing the privatization.

The attorney general’s office says the ruling was flawed for a number of reasons. He’s asking the Michigan court of appeals to reconsider the case.