State asks schools to be prepared for immigration agents

Apr 3, 2017

The state departments of education and civil rights are asking school administrators to be prepared if immigration authorities arrive at their doors.

Agustin Arbulu is the director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Right now, immigration authorities don’t go to schools. But Arbulu says school officials should know their rights and responsibilities, and be ready to answer parents’ questions.

“We know that there’s heightened anxiety out there, and so look at your policies," he says. "What do you have in place? What do you do if something happens? What happens if you need to take immediate action because someone shows up.”  

Arbulu says all kids in Michigan have a right to an education – but he’s concerned some parents may keep their children out of school out of fear their immigration status will be found out.

The letter is also signed by state schools superintendent Brian Whiston.