State House panel moves to keep legal blood alcohol limit at .08

Feb 20, 2013

Bills to keep Michigan’s legal blood alcohol limit for drivers at point-zero-eight are getting little to no opposition in the state Legislature. A House panel today unanimously approved the legislation.

Without it, the state’s legal limit would revert to .10 in October. That’s when the law that sets it at .08 expires.

Republican state Representative Andrea LaFontaine says it’s common sense legislation.

“It has community safety at the forefront of everything, and I think that was the number one priority with this bill. And I’m glad it came out of committee the way it did, and I hope it will pass through the House just the same.”

No one testified against the legislation during committee hearings this month.

If the legal limit goes back to .10, Michigan could lose up to $50 million dollars a year in federal highway funding.