State lawmakers to discuss changing when millage elections are held

Nov 4, 2013

Some state lawmakers want to limit when local governments can hold property tax elections.

Right now, People in Michigan can find themselves voting on millages in February, May, August or November each year.  

State Representative Dan Lauwers (R-Brockway Township) wants to require that any millage vote, where property taxes would increase, to be held in either August or November when voter turnout is higher.

“If you look at the statistics for passage, it’s just as good if not better in November as any other time,” says Lauwers, “It’s not a matter of passage.  It’s a matter of having people better represented.”

Lauwers would like to see the legislature act on his bill by the end of the year so the new law could take effect in 2014.

The state House Elections and Ethics committee is scheduled to take up three bills related to the scheduling of millage elections on Tuesday.