State lawmakers expected to act on state budget this week | Michigan Radio

State lawmakers expected to act on state budget this week

Apr 29, 2019

Credit Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

Action on the state’s budget is expected to pick up this week.

The state Senate Appropriations committee will consider and possibly vote on multiple budgets – including for the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Those budgets moving through the Senate include large cuts to what Governor Gretchen Whitmer recommended in her proposed budget. 

Amber McCann is a spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey.

“It was strictly to put those discretionary dollars that we have at our disposal toward things, for instance, like accelerating road funding,” says McCann.

Over in the House, lawmakers plan to start moving Judiciary and Agriculture budgets.

But there’s still no firm deadline on a plan in the state House to fix the state’s roads.

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield says he’s committed to having a “responsible plan.”

“And not artificially limiting myself to a timeline,” says Chatfield. “Those conversations are going to be ongoing and we’re going to put forward our own proposal and reach a consensus with the Senate and the administration before the deadline of October first.”