State lawmakers introduce bill to overhaul, expand Medicaid | Michigan Radio

State lawmakers introduce bill to overhaul, expand Medicaid

May 9, 2013

Republicans in the state House have introduced a bill to overhaul and expand Medicaid in Michigan.

Among other things, it would limit able-bodied adults to four years in the program.

The Republican-led state Legislature has balked at the idea of accepting money from the federal government to add hundreds of thousands of people to Medicaid.

House Speaker Jase Bolger says this is an alternative to that plan.

“If we are going to say ‘no’ to something, we must offer an alternative. We ask that all of the time from our colleagues across the aisle, and therefore we’re going to continue to live by that ourselves,” said Bolger.

The bill would also require the federal government to fund 100 percent of the expansion.

Right now, Washington is only offering to pay that amount for the first three years.

The federal government would have to approve the state’s conditions for the measure to go into effect.

“I have heard from the federal government that they’re looking for partnerships, that they’re willing to partner with states. So what we’re doing is we’re seeing, are they willing to do that? Or do they really mean that they want to dictate to the states? If they’re willing to work with us, these are our criteria, these are our principles, those are the ones we’re willing to work with,” said Bolger.