State requests power supply plans from utilities | Michigan Radio

State requests power supply plans from utilities

Jan 13, 2017

The Michigan Public Service Commission is giving power supply companies three months to report how they will meet electricity demands through 2021.

This announcement marks the third time the MPSC has requested that utilities come up with a five-year plan.

Sally Talberg is a chairman for the Public Service Commission. In a statement, she said that the Commission is responsible for ensuring electric supplies will fit the public's needs.

Says Talberg,

This is especially important in light of unprecedented power plant retirements in the state and region and the time needed to plan and arrange for new capacity supplies, including new generation and options to reduce demand. Year after year, the information provided as part of this effort has proven to be invaluable as the MPSC carries out its responsibility to make sure Michigan’s electric resources are adequate to meet customer demand now and in the future.

According to a press release, the MPSC is also asking alternative energy suppliers to provide similar assessments.

Public comments on the utility assessments must be filed by May 12. A report by the MPSC reviewing the data will be filed by June 30.