State says it needs more people to take PFAS exposure assessment | Michigan Radio

State says it needs more people to take PFAS exposure assessment

May 17, 2019

Not enough people have taken a PFAS exposure assessment, says Kent County and state health officials.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human services says only 414 people have taken the study so far. Steve Kelso, with the Kent County Health Department, says they still need about 380 people to complete the assessment.

“We really need like eight hundred people or so to get a good scientific data set on all of this so those numbers can make some sense to us and make a difference,” Kelso said.

The exposure assessment study is looking for a connection between the amount of PFAS in a person’s body and certain health issues. The state will also compare the samples from Kent County residents to people in other states.

Kelso says it’s very important to get as many people as possible to get their blood tested.

“This number makes sense and works because it’s outside of statistical anomalies,” he said.

The next clinic is slated for May 30 and those in Kent County who were invited, but have not yet participated, are urged to sign up.

PFAS have been previously linked to several health issues including kidney and testicular cancer and thyroid problems.