State wants fines levied against bridge owners | Michigan Radio

State wants fines levied against bridge owners

Jun 9, 2011

A judge in Detroit has adjourned a hearing without ruling on the state’s request to levy sanctions against the owners of the Ambassador Bridge.

It’s part of an ongoing court fight over the bridge company’s failure to build on-ramps to the bridge, and remove fueling stations and part of a duty-free store that were built without the state’s permission.

Deb Sumner is a community activist and long-time critic of the bridge company. She says without the on-ramps, thousands of trucks are forced to rumble through her neighborhood every day:

"I have seen literally homes shaking, we’ve seen plaster damage, children with asthma…. It’s just not the quality of life that any resident would want."

Earlier this year Judge Prentis Edwards ordered the president of the bridge company jailed for contempt for ignoring the court’s orders.

Edwards adjourned today’s hearing without issuing a ruling.