State workers balk at call for more cuts

Jul 25, 2011

State workers say they’ve already sacrificed their fair share to help alleviate Michigan’s budget crisis. That was the rallying cry of hundreds of union workers who protested outside state offices in Detroit Monday. Governor Snyder wants another $260 million in concessions from state workers But Ray Holman, a legislative liaison for UAW Local 6000, says that’s unfair. He says state workers have given up a lot, all while being asked to do more as the demand for state services has surged.

“We’ve had unpaid work days. We’ve worked 80 hours but only got paid for 78. We’re paying higher premiums, higher deductibles…all at a time when we’re trying to provide basic services with minimal staff.”

Holman says the unions have put forth an alternative plan that would bring about cost savings by cutting managerial positions, and getting more value from contractors and consultants.