Stateside: Agri-biz update; “Shine On” coffee; illegal dumping; Freep on B.1.1.7 | Michigan Radio

Stateside: Agri-biz update; “Shine On” coffee; illegal dumping; Freep on B.1.1.7

Apr 19, 2021

President Biden’s administration recently announced a plan to create new jobs through rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. From old bridges to roads covered in potholes to extra slow online access, infrastructure issues affect almost all of us, but uniquely so in rural and agricultural areas.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Today on Stateside, how the B117 variant tested Michigan’s pandemic success story, with disastrous results. Plus, how a new plan for infrastructure might help Michigan’s rural communities. And, a new collaborative that mixes the perfect cup of coffee, great songs, and social justice. 

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Rural regions need immediate infrastructure overhaul says Michigan Agri-Business Association president

  • Chuck Lippstreu is the president of the Michigan Agri-Business Association.

May Erlewine and Higher Grounds partner for “Shine On” coffee

  • May Erlewine is a singer-songwriter from Michigan.
  • Chris Treder is the founder of Higher Gounds Coffee in Traverse City.

Illegal garbage dumping in Northern Michigan

  • Maya Reter is a reporter for Interlochen Public Radio.

Free Press investigation on state’s handling of B.1.1.7 variant spread

  • Tresa Baldas is a reporter for the Detroit Free Press.
  • Derek Kravitz with the "Documenting COVID-19 Project" with the Brown Institute for Media Innovations.