Stateside: Auto insurance changes; Black homeschooling; LGBTQ Muralist; Ypsi youth choir | Michigan Radio

Stateside: Auto insurance changes; Black homeschooling; LGBTQ Muralist; Ypsi youth choir

Jun 30, 2021

LGBT flag.
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Today on Stateside, changes to auto insurance's medical care funding formula are happening in Michigan. Critics fear many catastrophic car crash victims will end up in nursing homes at taxpayers' expense. Next up, we are re-airing a year of homeschooling and self-determination for Black families as they make their decisions to keep their children homeschooled or prepare them for traditional school. The second re-air is a conversation with a Detroit based LGBTQ muralist. Lastly, an Ypsilanti youth choir's pandemic journey to create innovative ways to sing together.

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Catastrophic crash victims and care providers in limbo as auto insurance medical rates change

  • Tom Judd is the president of Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council.

The pandemic pushed some Black families into homeschooling. Some aren’t going back

  • Bernita Bradley is the Midwest Regional Delegate to the National Parents Union and founder of Engaged Detroit Homeschooling Network.
  • Kija Gray is the founding director of Our Children Count, which provides coaching and advocacy for parents.
  • This conversation originally aired on June 29, 2021.

Detroit trans artist Bakpak Durden on making their mark via many mediums

  • Bakpak Durden is a Detroit muralist
  • This conversation originally aired on June 16, 2021

Ypsilanti Middle School music teacher talks about keeping students engaged during the pandemic

  • Kari Safieddine is the choir director at Ypsilanti Community Middle School.

An uncertain future for a public beach in Leland

  •   Taylor Wizner is a reporter at Interlochen Public Radio.