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Stateside: Canada’s new marijuana law; keeping data safe online; Detroit short on affordable housing

Oct 16, 2018

Today on Stateside, a member of Canada’s House of Commons and a reporter with the Windsor Star break down Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana — which goes into effect tomorrow — and how that change will affect travelers on both sides of the border. Plus, Representative Debbie Dingell (D-12th District) shares her thoughts on the upcoming midterm elections and on President Trump's recently-negotiated United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (UMSCA).

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Marijuana will soon be legal in Canada. Here’s what Michiganders should know.

  • Doug Schmidt is a reporter with the Windsor Star. He explains how the province of Ontario will  implement Canada’s recent decision to legalize recreational marijuana and touches on what American citizens who want to take advantage of the new law should know when crossing both sides of the border.  
  • Brian Masse MP is a member of Canada’s House of Commons. He discusses the fact that Canada and the United States have yet to talk about what problems legalization may cause Canadian commuters who use marijuana or work in the industry ahead of a planned news conference by U.S. Customs and Border Protection on the subject tomorrow.

As tax credits for owners expire, Detroit tries to prevent affordable housing crisis 

  • Tahirih Ziegler, executive director of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Detroit, and Julie Schneider, associate director for Policy and Implementation in the Housing and Revitalization Department, talk about ongoing efforts to preserve existing affordable housing options in Detroit as parts of the city continue to develop at a rapid rate.

Affordable health care is top priority for 12th District incumbent Debbie Dingell

  • Representative Debbie Dingell (D) is running for re-election this November in Michigan’s 12th District against Republican Jeff Jones. She joined Stateside to talk about her experiences working in the Capitol during the Trump administration, her thoughts on bipartisanship, and what she intends to do for the 12th District if she is re-elected to office.

"We've never had justice": How the Supreme Court rigged land deals against native people

  • Michigan Radio reporter Dustin Dwyer is exploring what shapes our ideas about land—what it's for, who controls it, and what we can take from it. Here's the second installment in our series "An Idea on the Land."

Protecting your privacy online isn’t easy. This professor has ideas about how to change that.

  • Florian Schaub, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Information, weighs in on the issue of privacy policies and what consumers should know about the data that online services are collecting about them.

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