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Stateside: Connection and grief in the time of COVID

Apr 28, 2021

Counselor Napoleon Harrington and psychology professor Amie Gordon discussed how one year of social distancing and isolation can impact health. “Social belonging is one of our deepest needs, and when we can't get that met, that can pose real problems for how we feel, both mentally and physically,” Gordon said.
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Today on Stateside, we revisit how one year of pandemic life has changed our relationships — from close connections, to pod problems, to loved ones lost. A funeral director discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted mourning in 2020. Then, a counselor and psychologist talk us through how pod life, solitude, and mental health challenges during the pandemic have affected the ways we interact with other people.

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A year in grief: Running a funeral home during COVID-19

  • Paddy Lynch is a funeral director with Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors in Clawson.
  • This conversation originally aired March 10, 2021.

How the pandemic changed our relationships — for better and worse

  • Napoleon Harrington is a licensed professional counselor with Ambassador Counseling and Resource Group in Southfield.
  • Amie Gordon is an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan and director of The Well-being, Health, and Interpersonal Relationships Lab.
  • This conversation originally aired March 12, 2021.