Stateside: Deportee from SE MI dies in Iraq; challenges facing LGBT seniors; future of Buick City | Michigan Radio

Stateside: Deportee from SE MI dies in Iraq; challenges facing LGBT seniors; future of Buick City

Aug 8, 2019



Today on Stateside, former Michigander Jimmy Aldaoud was deported to Iraq, a country he had never been to, in June. This week, his family says he died after not being able to obtain insulin for his diabetes. We talk to a family friend about what happened. Plus, the challenges of finding inclusive long-term care facilities when you're an LGBT senior.



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Southeast Michigan man dies two months after deportation to Iraq




  • Michigan resident Jimmy Aldaoud was deported in June to Iraq, a country he’d never set foot in. He died this week, according to his family, after he was unable to obtain the insulin needed to treat his diabetes. Stateside speaks with Edward Bajoka, an immigration attorney and family friend of Aldaoud, about what happened and why he says that immigration authorities were wrong to send Aldaoud to Iraq. 


For LGBT elders, inclusive housing and long-term care can be hard to find

  • Around 4.7 million LGBTQ older adults in the United States will be seeking long-term senior living options by 2030. But are Michigan elder care facilities equipped to accomodate the needs of gay and transgender residents?
  • Stateside’s Bella Isaacs-Thomas brings us a conversation with Phillip O'Jibway, an LGBT senior citizen who’s experiened this question firsthand.
  • Plus, Kat LaTosch founder of LaTosch Consulting, which helps non-profits by expanding diversity, equity and inclusion. She explains what challenges LGBT individuals face in senior living, and explains her work with SAGE, an organization focused on supporting LGBT seniors, to help facilities become more inclusive.


Howes: Indian automaker Mahindra eyeing shuttered Buick City plant




  • It's been 20 years since GM pulled the plug on its assembly plant in Flint, but there are now signs of new life for the 364-acre Buick City site. Daniel Howes from The Detroit News recently reported on plans by Mahindra Auto North America, Inc. to redevelop the site, and he joins Stateside to talk about what this could mean for Michigan.


Book review: The beauty and fragility of a threatened creature


  • Author Keith Taylor shares his thoughts on Nick Haddad’s new book about rare butterflies and what we can do to save them from extinction, titled The Last Butterflies: A Scientist's Quest to Save a Rare and Vanishing Creature. 

Michigan's tribal communities use traditional knowledge to tackle modern public health crisis

  • For every 1,000 Native American babies born in Michigan, more than 14 don’t reach their first birthday. That’s more than triple the infant mortality rate for white babes. But tribal communities in Michigan are working hard change that by. Stateside’s April Van Buren reports on the ways these communities use traditional knowledge and practices to improve infant outcomes.



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