Stateside for Friday, March 4, 2016

Mar 4, 2016

  • The Republican presidential candidates debated in Detroit last night. U.S. Rep. John Moolenaar, a Republican from Michigan’s 4th district, joined Stateside to talk about yesterday's debate.

  •   A dioxane plume that is slowly working its way toward the Huron River in Ann Arbor has already reached some private wells on the west side of the city.
  • John Grover and Yvette van der Velde co-authored a Loveland Technologies report on the decline of the Detroit Public Schools District.
  • The state's chief technology official discusses Michigan’s cyber security efforts, and how often the state gets hit by cyber attacks. 

  • Michigan’s booming brewery industry just added a fresh, new ingredient to the growing business of beer making: a cooperative model.
  • The regulation of emissions at the federal level is uncertain, but environmental experts say power companies know things are changing.
  • It’s been another week of disturbing revelations about how Flint’s water became contaminated and the State of Michigan’s actions. Michigan Radio’s Lindsey Smith explains why Flint is just the beginning of realizing lead is a present hazard.