Stateside: Industry still dumping PFAS; lame duck drama; proposal to scale back wetlands protections | Michigan Radio

Stateside: Industry still dumping PFAS; lame duck drama; proposal to scale back wetlands protections

Nov 30, 2018


Today, we speak to MLive reporter Paula Gardner, co-author of an investigative report that found PFAS chemicals are still being released in large quantities by businesses across the state. Plus, a new bill proposed in the state Senate would remove protections from some Michigan wetlands on private property. Opponents say it would have devastating effects, but supporters say it's protecting property owners from government overreach.  

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Environmentalist, business leader react to proposal scaling back wetlands protection

  • A bill sponsored by State Senator Tom Casperson would remove protections from some of Michigan’s wetlands, inland lakes, and streams
  • Tom Zimnicki is the Agriculture Policy Director for the Michigan Environmental Council, a group that opposes Casperson's bill. 
  • Charles Owens is the director of the Michigan chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. He supports the bill. 

Political roundup: Are Republicans making a lame duck power grab before Democrats take office? 

  • Our Friday political commentators provide updates on the state legislature's lame duck actions on paid sick time and higher minimum wage laws. Plus, a look at Republican proposals to let the legislature to intervene in state legal battles and put campaign finance supervision under a commission rather than the Secretary of State. Gilda Jacobs is the President and CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy and a former Democratic member of the Senate. Ken Sikkema is a senior policy fellow at Public Sector Consultants and a former Republican legislator.

MLive investigation: Businesses still releasing PFAS at levels thousands of times higher than federal guidelines

Refugees try yoga to help combat PTSD, depression, and anxiety

  • Dr. Arash Javanbakht is the director of the Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety Research Clinic at Wayne State University’s psychology department. Mohammed Alsaud is a research assistant at the clinic. The two joined Stateside to share how they're helping address the mental health challenges refugees face after they come to the United States.
  • Stateside's Sarah Leeson went to a yoga and movement therapy session at HYPE Athletics in Dearborn Heights to see how the practice is helping refugees cope with trauma and loss. 

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