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Stateside: Investigating Detroit's homeless population

Dec 17, 2012

Airing this week will be a series of stories Michigan Radio’s Kyle Norris compiled on Detroit’s homeless population.

To introduce the series,  Norris spoke with Meghan Takashima of the Corporation for Supportive Housing.

They spoke about some of the misconceptions people have about those without a home.

Norris began by noting her inspiration for the stories.

“Something is drawing me to these stories…when I’m with homeless people I have to be real, I have to be a human first and a reporter second,” said Norris.

These experiences pushed Norris in new directions of both interacting and writing.

According to Takashima there are thousands of homeless people today in Detroit.

“The estimate is about 19,000 individuals who are counted in the Homeless Management Information System,” she said.

Takashima addressed the need for better access to subsidized housing in Detroit.

“We still face a lot of the same challenges. For people who have been homeless for a long time, they need services. Without access to subsidized housing…they often return to the street.”

Norris claims that the biggest misconception about the homeless is their level of intelligence.

“Every time I meet homeless people they’re smart- they have a wicked sense of humor,” she said.

Norris' series will air at 3pm every day this week on Stateside.

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