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Stateside: Lame-duck update; grading schools; how to clean up PFAS; siblings in foster care

Dec 14, 2018


Today, where do bills still passing through the Michigan Legislature stand as we head into the final week of the lame-duck session? Plus, we speak to two siblings who were separated in the foster care system. Now, they're fighting for a Sibling Bill of Rights. 

Legislator explains why school grading system is needed


  • Representative Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw) is the sponsor of a bill making its way through Michigan’s lame-duck legislature. It would give schools an A-F grading system. He joined us to explain why the bill is needed, and to respond to critics such as Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District.

Here’s where the more controversial bills stand heading into final week of lame-duck 


  • Gongwer editor Zach Gorchow explains some of the more controversial legislation pending and passed by Michigan’s lame-duck Legislature. 

Artisans of Michigan: Woodworking for the gaming world


  • Mike Cameron and Michael Konas are the co-founders and creative forces behind Dog Might Games. They talk to us about making gaming accessories, how they got into the industry, and their "hands on" process. 

The long, complicated, and imperfect process of removing PFAS from drinking water


  • Tom Bruton is a scientist at the Green Science Policy Institute. He explains how to clean up PFAS, a family of chemicals that have been found in drinking water sources in numerous places around the state. 

Cheers! A drink that includes spiced whiskey and Michigan bitters


  • Host Lester Graham and Tammy Coxen with Tammy’s Tastings create a spiced wintery drink perfect for the holidays. 

Brother and sister separated in foster care push for a Sibling Bill of Rights


  • Research shows foster children who lose contact with their siblings are more likely to develop emotional attachment disorders, feelings of isolation, and have an increased risk of self-harm. This research comes from a policy report written in part by Brittney Barros. She's part of the 2018 Foster Youth Internship Program at the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. Her brother, Scott McEachern Jr., also joins us to help share their separation story. 

The State GOP’s ‘about-face” on local control and why are future Dem leaders staying so quiet in lame-duck? 


  • Gilda Jacobs is President and CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy and a former Democratic member of the Senate. Ken Sikkema is Senior Policy Fellow at Public Sector Consultants and former Republican Majority Leader in the Michigan Senate. On today’s Political Roundup, our Friday commentators talk about controversial lame-duck legislation. 

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