Stateside: MDOT chief on fixing the roads; special ed changes in Grand Rapids; a ghoulish love story | Michigan Radio

Stateside: MDOT chief on fixing the roads; special ed changes in Grand Rapids; a ghoulish love story

Oct 31, 2018


Today, in the spirit of Halloween, we bring you two different segments on the Minnie Quay ghost story and its historical roots. Plus, Kirk Steudle joins Stateside on his last day as director of the Michigan Department of Transportation to discuss what he's learned about the intersection of infrastructure and politics. 

Listen to the full show above or find individual segments below. 

Retiring MDOT director weighs in on Schuette and Whitmer plans to fix state’s roads

  • Kirk Steudle, director of the Michigan Department of Transportation is retiring. He joined Stateside for an exit interveiw on his last day on the job to discuss what he has learned and what’s next for Michigan’s roads.

Voter Voices: Border security, immigration, and abortion  

  • Leading up to the election, we've been sending reporters and producers across the state to ask people two questions: What are the most important issues for you as a Michigan voter? What concerns you most about our political climate right now? 

Kent County ISD prepares to take over special education centers in Grand Rapids  


  • Ron Caniff is the superintendent of Kent Intermediate School District. Next year, reponsibility for center-based special education for 20 districts across Kent County will move from the Grand Rapids Public School district to Kent ISD.

What do our oldest citizens understand about technology that we don’t? 

  • Anthropologist and entrepreneur Veronica Kirin is the author of the new book Stories of Elders: What the Greatest Generation Knows about Technology that You Don’t. She discusses what we can learn from generations who lived the majority of their lives without modern technology. 
  • Kirin will be having book signing events on November 7 at Schuler Books in Grand Rapids at 7pm, and then November 8 at Schuler Books in Okemos at 7pm.

Get partisanship out of core government functions, says U.S. Senator Peters 

  • Following shootings at a Pittsburg synagogue and a Kroger in Kentucky, as well as pipe bombs sent to high-ranking Democrats last week, Democratic U.S. Senator Gary Peters weighs in on our nation’s political climate. 

Spooky Stories: The ghoulish love story of Minnie Quay

  • Jenifer Strauss is a narrative consultant from Traverse City. She tells us why ghost stories capture our imaginations and even tells the Minnie Quay ghost story from Michigan’s thumb.

The true story behind the ghost of Minnie Quay 

  • Rachel Clark from Michigan’s History Center joins us for a special Halloween-themed look into our state’s history. We dig into the facts on the real Minnie Quay, what we know about ther family, and why the story stands the test of time. 

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