Stateside: MI congressmen on border wall; UP ghost town typeface; Native Americans protest Line 5 | Michigan Radio

Stateside: MI congressmen on border wall; UP ghost town typeface; Native Americans protest Line 5

Jan 9, 2019

Today on Stateside, we chat with Representatives Bill Huizenga (R-Zeeland), and Dan Kildee (D-Flint), about Trump's Oval Office address on the ongoing, partial government shutdown. Plus, we continue our Work in Progress series with a conversation between a rookie and a veteran in the electrical trade. We hear them explain what it's like to be a woman in the industry. 

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Michigan’s congressional delegation still divided over border wall, partial shutdown


  • Wednesday is day 19 of the partial government shutdown, and neither President Trump's Oval Office address on Tuesday night nor the rebuttal by Democratic leaders appear to have changed minds on either side of the aisle in Michigan's congressional delegation. Representative Bill Huizenga and Representative Dan Kildee both join Stateside to react to President Trump's address. 

Michigan native creates typeface inspired by Upper Peninsula ghost town


  • Mia Cinelli, an assistant professor of art studio and digital design at the University of Kentucky, joins Stateside to discuss the award-winning typeface she designed based on a Michigander's handwriting from more than a century ago. She helps clarify the difference between a typeface and a font, and explains how she went about designing the typeface.

Hard hats, awe, and thick skin: What it’s like to be a woman in the electrical trade


  • Stateside's ongoing Work in Progress series features conversations between two people at opposite ends of the same career path.
  • Samantha Forsyth and Grace Trudell sit down to talk about how they got into the skilled trades, what people need to succeed in the field, and what it might take to normalize the sight of "a woman in a hard hat."  

82 years ago, Flint GM strikers fought police and won a battle for labor rights


  • This week marks the 82nd anniversary of a labor battle known as the "Battle of the Running Bulls.” It happened at GM's Fisher Body Number Two in Flint. Michigan History Center's Rachel Clark explains what was happening between GM and its workers in 1937. She recounts what the demands were, why the National Guard was eventually called in, and how it was resolved.

Native American water protectors camp through winter in protest of Line 5


  • The Native Americans at Camp Anishinaabek set up camp last summer near Levering, in Emmet County, to protest Enbridge's Line 5. It's a peaceful protest by native people who call themselves "water protectors." Sarah Jo Shomin, one of the water protectors of Camp Anishinaabek, joined Stateside to share what the camp is like in the winter, and what's at stake for the tribes and the water.  

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