Stateside for Monday, April 11, 2016

Apr 11, 2016

  • Leading off the show is John U. Bacon as he tackles a number of issues in the Michigan sports world. He breaks down the NCAA's crackdown on Jim Harbaugh's satellite camps, Pavel Datsyuk's sudden "retirement" from the NHL and gives a preview of the Pistons and Wings in the postseason.
  • Staying within the spirit of competition, Trevor Corlett, the founder and CEO of Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids recently won first place at the Eastern Conference Barista Competition. Now, he's moving on to Nationals in Atlanta.

  • As we look to Michigan's future, there are more and more voices calling for ways to close the income gap. Our latest contributor to The Next Idea is pointing us to the writings of a European economist which suggest a road map to overhauling the economic system we've known for so long, a system which, he believes, puts too much wealth in the hands of the few. 
  • A few years ago, residents in the southern and western parts of Windsor complained of a mysterious noise. Now, the hum sound is back, haunting the Windsor residents that live nearby.
  • The mayor of Waukesha, Wisconsin made a stop in Lansing today to meet with state environmental officials. Mayor Shawn Reilly is trying to win support for his city’s request to divert 10 million gallons of water a day from Lake Michigan.