Stateside: MSU gymnastics teacher faces charges; why police bias training may fall short | Michigan Radio

Stateside: MSU gymnastics teacher faces charges; why police bias training may fall short

Sep 27, 2018


Today on Stateside, we hear from Michigan voters who express which issues are most important to them in the upcoming election season. Plus, two University of Michigan professors discuss their efforts to bring sustainable energy to Puerto Rico. 

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A former MSU gymnastics teacher faces charges connected to the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal

 Howes: Cadillac’s move to New York didn’t work out as planned 

  • Detroit News Business Columnist Daniel Howes speaks to Cadillac's return to Detroit. Listen above to hear more about Detroit's luxury brands.

Voter Voices: Michiganders share what issues are most important to them in this election 

  • To better understand the issues that are most important to Michigan voters, we've dispatched reporters and producers throughout the state to ask people two questions: What are the most important issues for you as a Michigan voter? What concerns you most about our political climate right now? From now until the election, we'll be bringing you their answers.

 UM researchers helping farmers, making energy in Puerto Rico

  • Ivette Perfecto tells us about organizing her coworkers to develop projects to help Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. She's a professor of ecology and natural resources at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability.
  • Jose Alfaro explains the gasifiers developed to create renewable energy in Puerto Rico’s rural areas. He's a clinical assistant professor of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan and was one of the main collaborators on the project.

 A conversation with the new superintendent of Flint Community Schools 

  • Flint Community School Superintendent Derek Lopez is now on the job. He talks about his experience in education, the beginning of the school year, and how to tackle proficiency rates.

 Poetry review: “Everything I Kept” is a fierce debut for Michigan writer Ruth Behar

  • John Freeman reviews Ruth Behar's first book of poems Everything I Kept.

 Research shows bias training for police may not help much in curbing deadly force against minorities  

  • Michigan State University Associate Professor of Psychology Joseph Cesario discusses his research findings on fatal police shootings, police implicit bias training, and how the media has skewed the public’s understanding of this issue.

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