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Stateside: Reconsidering Michigan's proposed gun legislation

Dec 17, 2012

Governor Snyder is considering a bill that would allow concealed pistols in churches, public schools and daycares.

Michigan Public Radio Lansing Bureau Chief Rick Pluta outlined the various aspects of the legislation.

“One of the trade-offs in this legislation would be that schools would no longer be open-carry areas. But they would be someplace where you could carry a concealed pistol if you took more classes," said Pluta.

Proponents argue that this bill restricts the possibility of guns entering schools.

“It’s murky at best as to what schools would be allowed to do. In terms of whether or not it’s more restrictive, that’s a  subjective statement..."

Pluta then addressed the politics of situation.

“The original point of controversy on this package was whether or not the state was going to continue to have a registry of firearms…” said Pluta.

According to Pluta, the people who want Snyder to veto the bill outnumber those who support it at about 5:1.

The public at-large would like to see this piece of legislation go away, said Pluta.

For more of Pluta's interview, listen to our podcast above.