Stateside: Right to Life petition; Joshua Johnson; hidden letters reveal secret family history | Michigan Radio

Stateside: Right to Life petition; Joshua Johnson; hidden letters reveal secret family history

May 16, 2019

Today on Stateside, Right to Life of Michigan has a plan to work around Governor Whitmer's promised veto of controversial abortion bills recently passed by the state House and Senate. Plus, we talk to Joshua Johnson of NPR’s 1A, who’s been broadcasting from Michigan Radio this week.

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Right to Life Michigan plans petition drive if governor vetoes abortion procedure ban

  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she will veto controversial abortion bills recently passed by both chambers of the Michigan Legislature. Genevieve Marnon, legislative director of Right to Life of Michigan, says her group is already getting ready to try and override that veto with a citizen-led petition drive. 

Howes: Trade war with China hurts Trump-supporting regions 

  • Reports suggest that President Trump may delay a decision on tariffs for Chinese car and auto imports for up to six months. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he plans to go to Beijing soon to resume trade talks. But Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes says Midwest businesses are getting weary of the ongoing uncertainty. 

U.P. tribe hopes to regulate their water

  • The Upper Peninsula’s Keweenaw Bay Indian Community could soon be the first Michigan tribe to regulate its own surface water quality standards. The move would allow the tribe to follow tighter measures than those enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Michigan Radio’s Kaye LaFond brings us this story.

Hidden Letters: The Fascinating Story of One Family's Secret History

  • Mismatch is a podcast hosted by veteran Detroit reporter Roger Weber and produced by Zak Rosen. As part of their second season, they follow the story of a man who purchased a second-hand desk in Detroit and found a series of letters in a secret compartment. His discovery prompted him to slowly unravel a tragic World War II-era love story.
  • Listen above to hear part one of the story, and click here for part two.  

Joshua Johnson on what he's learned about Michigan politics during week of talking to voters

  • Joshua Johnson, host of 1A from NPR, has been broadcasting this week from Michigan Radio. He and his team have been trying to to get a better sense of what’s on the minds of Michiganders ahead of the presidential primary season. Johnson spoke with Zoe Clark about what he's heard so far from voters in Detroit, Macomb County, and Lansing. 

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