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Stateside: Schuette-Whitmer debate recap; the priesthood then and now

Oct 25, 2018


Today on Stateside, two consultants on opposite sides of the political spectrum recapped Wednesday night's gubernatorial debate. Plus, our “Work in Progress” series features a conversation between two Catholic priests, one just beginning his career, and the other recently retired. 

Schuette and Whitmer trade barbs one last time in final debate before Election Day 


  • We discuss last night's gubernatorial debate with Adrian Hemond, Democratic strategist and CEO of the Grassroots Midwest bipartisan consulting firm, and GOP strategist Matt Marsden, director of public relations and government affairs at Rev Seix Data Systems. 

Detroit automakers get dinged in the newest Consumer Reports reliability survey


  • Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes discusses what the annual reliability survey from Consumer Reports means for Detroit carmakers.

7th District congressional candidates talk gerrymandering, tariffs, and Michigan’s economy


  • Republican Tim Walberg is running for re-election in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. He shares his beliefs on climate change, PFAS chemicals, and Proposal 2. 
  • Gretchen Driskell is running as the Democratic candidate in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. She discusses her support of the anti-gerrymandering proposal, and her views on tariffs and the legalization of marijuana. 

Work in Progress: Two Catholic priests reflect on how the job has changed


  •  Father Jim Houbeck, who was recently ordained, and retired priest Father Ed Prus discuss their experiences as Catholic priests on opposite ends of their career paths. 

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