Stateside: Voter turnout high; history of election shenanigans; NASA closer to "touching the sun" | Michigan Radio

Stateside: Voter turnout high; history of election shenanigans; NASA closer to "touching the sun"

Nov 6, 2018

Today on Stateside, county clerks from Ottawa and Oakland Counties weigh in on how voting is going in their precincts on this Election Day. Plus, a lead investigator on NASA's Parker Solar Probe talks about what scientists hope to learn from the mission, which will bring a human object closer to the Sun than ever before.    

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Ottawa, Oakland County clerks say turnout high, but precincts prepared

  • Ottawa County Clerk Justin Roebuck and Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown discusses the voter turnout they’re seeing so far on Election Day, how long voters are waiting in line, and how the rate of return for absentee ballots compares with past elections.

An artist who sees on his own terms

  • Michigan Radio’s Catherine Shaffer brings us the story of Detroit artist Brendan Patrick who lost his vision — and nearly his life — to cystic fibrosis. But Patrick hasn't let the challenges of living with the degenerative disease stop him from pursuing his love of painting. 

West Michigan Mixtape: Conrad Shock + The Noise; Brother Elsey; Jake Simmons & The Little Ghosts 

  • John Sinkevics, editor and publisher of, joined Stateside to check in on the latest in West Michigan’s music scene. He tells us about Conrad Shock + The Noise’s sophomore album, Brother Elsey’s newly-released single, and Jake Simmons & The Little Ghost’s Midwest tour promoting their third album, “Shake So Easy.”
  • Arts and culture coverage is supported in part by an award from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Election shenanigans and political scoundrels of Michigan's past

  • Detroit historian and founder Mickey Lyons joined Stateside at our recent Ann Arbor live show to walk us through the political shenanigans and trickery of Michigan’s rather colorful election history.

Review: New short fiction from Bill Harris follows Great Migration journey of Alabama families

  • Bill Harris has long been a central figure in Detroit culture. He has also published poetry and innovative interpretations of African-American history that defy categorization. Poet Keith Taylor brings us a review of Harris’s latest book of short stories, I Got to Keep Moving. 

How NASA's mission to "touch the Sun" could make us safer on Earth 

  • Justin Kasper is a lead investigator on NASA's Parker Solar Probe. He joined Stateside at our recent Ann Arbor live show to talk about the probe, which is currently hurtling toward the Sun on a mission to unlock our closest star's mysteries.  

Why this boss is giving his employees a paid day off for the midterm elections 

  • Commonwealth Heritage Group president Andy Weir shares why he decided to give his employees paid time off this Election Day, and why he believes other businesses should follow suit.

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