Stateside: What GM layoffs mean for MI; holiday theater classics; lame duck starts in Lansing | Michigan Radio

Stateside: What GM layoffs mean for MI; holiday theater classics; lame duck starts in Lansing

Nov 27, 2018

Today on Stateside, a Michigan State University economist weighs in on what General Motors' decision to lay off workers and shutter factories means for the Michigan communities and workers involved. Plus, what to expect from the Michigan Legislature as it enters its lame-duck session. 

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MSU economist says GM layoffs show diconnect between Wall St. and Main St. 

  • Charley Ballard is an economist at Michigan State University. He joined us to talk about what General Motors’ decision to cut thousands of jobs and curb production at five factories, including two here in Michigan, will mean for the state's economy. 

Theater Talk: "A Christmas Carol," "Fiddler on the Roof," plus a play that speaks to public radio listeners 

  • Encore Michigan’s David Kiley checks in with the latest productions coming to a theater near you this holiday season, including “A Christmas Carol” at Oakland University's Meadow Brook Theatre, “The Book of Liz" at the Monster Box Theatre in Waterford, and “The Elves and the Schumachers” at Theatre NOVA in Ann Arbor.

It's lame duck season in Lansing. Here's what's on lawmakers' agenda 

  • The Michigan Legislature has officially entered “lame-duck” season with more than 300 House bills waiting for action from the Senate, and over 200 Senate bills sitting in the House. Zach Gorchow is with Gongwer News. He joined us to talk about what Michiganders can expect from lawmakers over the next several weeks, including Republican efforts to alter legislation ensuring a minimum wage increase, decisions regarding Line 5, and potential criminal justice reform.

How the largest man-made blast before the atomic bomb led to Michigan’s first hockey team

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