"Staying Safe" order expires for GVSU-Allendale campus students | Michigan Radio

"Staying Safe" order expires for GVSU-Allendale campus students

Oct 18, 2020

Michigan universities are requiring students to wear masks to avoid catching and spreading COVID-19.
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Ottawa County's "staying safe" order for some Grand Valley State University students lifted at midnight Friday.

But students on the Allendale campus are still being urged to take precautions to avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19, by wearing masks, physically distancing, and frequent handwashing.

COVID-19 cases among GVSU's students on the Allendale campus surged shortly after classes returned for the fall term. 

The Ottawa County Public Health Department issued a two-week stay home order to get the outbreak under control, requiring students to remain in their dorms or apartments at all times except for necessary errands like grocery shopping, and requring them to wear masks indoors and outdoors. 

New infections dropped, and then dropped again after a second two-week order that loosened the restrictions was issued, which allowed four people in a gathering. Now, the restrictions are being lifted altogether.

A total of 1,004 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the GVSU community since August 1; 712 of them students living on the Allendale campus.  

18 Allendale campus GVSU students remain in quarantine, with 15 students living elsewhere in quarantine.