Stepping up the fight against Asian Carp

May 23, 2011

Federal and state officials have a new plan for dealing with the threat of Asian Carp invading Lake Michigan.    There are fears that the carp may destroy the Great Lakes fishing industry. 

The plan includes stepping up tracking of the invasive fish species and contracting with Illinois fishermen to catch the carp before they can reach Lake Michigan.

Charles Wooley is with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “It’s primarily located downstream of the Army Corps of Engineers electrical barrier, which is built to keep Asian Carp from moving up this waterway system."  

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow says the best way to prevent Asian Carp from reaching Lake Michigan is to close man-made canals linking the Great Lakes with the Mississippi River.

"While the measures announced today are critically important in the short-term, the only way to fully protect our Great Lakes from Asian carp is to permanently separate the Mississippi River basin from Lake Michigan.  We don't have time to lose.  We need a comprehensive action plan to stop Asian carp permanently and we need it now.”

Illinois business interests and politicians are opposed to closing the canals.