Stories of Michigan's colorful history collected in one book

Jan 8, 2015

Grosse Pointe Lighthouse, site of the Lady Elgin sinking.
Credit Flickr user Teemu008 / flickr

West Michigan historian Larry B. Massie's book Blue Water, Red Metal & Green Gold: The Color of Michigan's Past includes 27 colorful human interest stories from Michigan's past, ranging from the 1800s to the 1950s

It is the 12th in his series Voyages into Michigan's Past, and his 21st book.

Massie's stories depict rich, vibrant characters in Michigan's history. "Blue Water Graveyard" details the explosive crash between schooner Augusta and steamer Lady Elgin in 1860. 

Other stories include the perspective of many of Michigan's early residents, such as "Red Metal Bonanza," which recounts with vivid detail early copper country in the Keewenaw Peninsula.