Supporters want the Michigan legislature to vote on a controversial bill on 'foreign laws'

Nov 25, 2012

Supporters of an ‘Anti-Sharia' bill plan to put pressure on Michigan lawmakers this week.

They want a vote on the bill, which would bar Michigan courts from citing ‘foreign’ laws in their decisions.   The bill has sat in the State House Judiciary committee for nearly a year and a half.

Irving Ginsburg is a member of the group that supports the bill.   He’s upset it could die without ever getting a vote.

“I think that’s really undemocratic to bottle it up like that. One should put it on the floor. Let the legislators have a stand up Yes or No vote. And if it fails, it fails,” says Ginsburg.

Critics call the bill “polarizing” and “racist."  They say it's an effort to raise suspicions about Michigan’s large Muslim community.

A spokesman for State House Speaker Jase Bolger says there are still questions about the legislation that need to be answered in committee.