TechTown business incubator program to get grant extension | Michigan Radio

TechTown business incubator program to get grant extension

Jan 28, 2018

TechOne, at 440 Burroughs Street in Detroit, is the first building of TechTown.
Credit Andrew Jameson / Wikimedia Commons

Grant funding is being extended for a program in Detroit that supports a business startup accelerator for students.

TechTown's Detroit Technology Exchange Business Incubator will receive a $250,000 extension. The funding is part of more than $1.7 million in extensions approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund.

The TechTown program also supports an entrepreneur-in-residence placement program and integrated ecosystem services.

Automation Alley's 7Cs program will get $500,000 in extensions. The program is aimed at accelerating the growth of small businesses and startups across Michigan, with a specific emphasis on advanced manufacturing startups.

The rest will go to the Gatekeeper Business Incubator grant for Lawrence Technological University and the 2015 and 2016 Business Incubator Gatekeeper grants for a number of SmartZones across the state.