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Teens with disabilities cut loose at "Best Prom Ever"

May 7, 2015

Ten years ago, two women from west Michigan started something called the "Best Prom Ever." They were Sparta High School special education teacher Renne Wyman, and a mother of one of her students, Rhonda Carlisle.

Fifteen students came to their first event. In April, 900 people attended the Best Prom Ever.

The basic idea is to give young people with disabilities the chance to socialize and dance in an environment that is safe and fun.

We spent time with Victor Barajas and his sister Hope, as they prepare for the prom and as they arrive at the massive event. Listen to that story here:

Taylor Swift was a fan favorite at the Best Prom Ever

Victor Barajas (center) with his mother Dora (left) and sister Hope (right)
Credit Kyle Norris/Michigan Radio