There may be fewer Help Wanted signs in Michigan at the start of next year

Dec 10, 2013

A help wanted sign in the window.
Credit Egan Snow / Flickr

Manpower says slightly fewer Michigan companies plan to hire new employees in the beginning of next year. 

The human resources company surveyed Michigan business owners for its first quarter Employment Outlook Survey.

Manpower says 18% of Michigan companies plan to hire new workers between January and March. That’s down from about 22% in the fourth quarter of this year.

“I think companies are staying the course by being very agile and nimble,” says Rebecca Dernberger, the vice president of Manpower’s Northeast Division, “Whether it’s a fixed cost or a variable cost, I think there’s just a lot more diligence around do we make this investment.”

71% of Michigan companies told Manpower they plan to keep their staffing levels where they are now.   9% of businesses surveyed say they plan to reduce staff in the first three months of 2014.

Dernberger expects to see hiring pick up in the manufacturing, education and health sectors. Manpower is predicting further job losses in government and construction jobs in January, February and March in Michigan.