Time to get serious: No money for roads, Capitol Hill gridlock and stalemates

Aug 27, 2015

Credit flickr user Gage Skidmore / http://j.mp/1SPGCl0

It's no secret that voters here in Michigan and across the country are angry and cynical about the notorious gridlock in Washington that has brought the country to its knees with budget showdowns.

It doesn't help that Michigan lawmakers have returned to their summer vacations without a deal to repair our decaying roads.

But as Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes points out, the state House found time to devote to a sex scandal.

Howes says if he had to pick out one common denominator in all these things it would be a lack of seriousness on the part of lawmakers and people who are in the political sphere. 

“They get so caught up in politically correct sideshows but absolutely ignore a lot of major public policy challenges both at the state and national level,” says Howes.

His recent column ties all of this into a deeper question: What's behind the apparent Teflon suit Donald Trump is wearing? How important is celebrity in our society?

"I think it's all indicative of the culture in which we're operating and it's largely unserious and is ignoring a lot of difficult problems in part because they're too hard," Howes says.