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Traverse City fights "festival fatigue"

Jun 26, 2014

The National Cherry Festival runs from July 5th through July 12th. Set up begins this weekend in Traverse City.
Credit User: Michigan Municipal League / flickr

Sometimes too much of a good thing is, well, too much.

That seems to be what some residents and city commissioners in Traverse City are thinking about the upcoming National Cherry Festival, and the many other festivals that draw visitors to Traverse City through the year.

In short, some of the locals are starting to push back. It’s been dubbed “festival fatigue.” Some residents complain in particular about the Cherry Festival in a downtown park called the “Open Space” that runs along Grand Traverse Bay. They grumble about noise, trash, and crowds.

Others say the festivals and the tourists they bring are mighty good for the town’s economy and fun for the locals as well.

The mayor of Traverse City, Michael Estes, joined us today to talk about the pros and cons of the city’s many festivals.

*Listen to full conversation with Mayor Estes above.