Traverse City's emerging foodie culture

Jan 8, 2015

A vineyard near Traverse City.
Credit Flickr user Rachel Kramer / Flickr

The Traverse City area is emerging as Michigan's new "foodie empire." Chris Cook, chief wine and restaurant critic for Hour Detroit Magazine, tells us just which area restaurants are worth a visit.

Traverse City has many long-standing restaurants of note, but the new rise in reputable restaurants may come from a variety of factors. Cook says the celebrities the area attracts have influenced the culture of the region. Michael Moore's film festival has helped to attract more visitors; Madonna's family owns a vineyard in the area; and New York chef Mario Batali, who owns a place in Northport, has become a fan of Michigan food and wine.

Cook describes many of his favorite restaurants and dishes, ranging from Stella, a long standing favorite, to Bistro FouFou, to Dick's Pour House, which offers an up north feel.