Trump’s sinking popularity puts down-ballot GOP candidates at risk | Michigan Radio

Trump’s sinking popularity puts down-ballot GOP candidates at risk

Oct 10, 2016


The aftermath of last night’s presidential debate has left the Republican Party in all-out crisis mode.

An NBC-Wall Street Journal poll following the release of the tape of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women shows Hillary Clinton’s lead over Trump is now in the double digits.

House Speaker Paul Ryan today held a conference call with House Republicans. He said he can’t and won’t defend Trump, and that House Republicans should do what’s best for them in the remaining weeks of the election.

But, he will not rescind his endorsement of Trump.

What does this all mean for Republicans on the down-ballot in Michigan?

Michigan Radio Lansing Bureau Chief Rick Pluta joined us to talk about it.

“Right now there’s a real fear not that Trump will alienate moderate Republican voters … who will come out and vote for Hillary Clinton. They’re afraid that those voters will just throw up their hands and stay home on election days and not be there for all of those down-ballot races,” he said.

Listen to our conversation above for more.

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