Trump supporters continue demanding recount in Michigan | Michigan Radio

Trump supporters continue demanding recount in Michigan

Nov 8, 2020

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Throughout the weekend, President Donald Trump’s supporters in Michigan continued to protest the results of the presidential election.

On Sunday, more than a hundred people rallied along a busy street in Saginaw.

Chants of “Recount the Vote” drew horn honks from passing Trump supporters. The roadside rally also drew select hand gestures and taunts of “you lost” from passing Joe Biden supporters.

Unofficial results show Democrat Joe Biden won the state by about 146,000 votes over the Republican incumbent president.

Debra Ell is the director of the Mid-Michigan Trump Republicans office. She organized the Sunday afternoon rally. Ell says they just want a “fair election.”

“We’re just trusting that there is going to be a breakthrough. We’re not going to let the media choose our president,” says Ell. “We’re going to let the courts, in this case, choose our president.”

Many Trump supporters believe Biden won Michigan only because of voter fraud and faults in the state’s election system.  So far, allegations of voter fraud and other irregularities have proven false. 

A Michigan court has also rejected one Trump campaign legal challenge.