Trump supporters gather outside Clinton rally in Detroit | Michigan Radio

Trump supporters gather outside Clinton rally in Detroit

Oct 10, 2016

A couple dozen Donald Trump supporters waved signs outside a rally in Detroit Monday for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Rosanne Ponkowski was one of those pro-Trump demonstrators. She carried a sign that said “Women for Trump.”

Ponkowski said a recording of Trump using vulgar words about women released by the Washington Post last week was disturbing. But she says it didn’t change her mind about the Republican nominee.

“Certainly, it’s not remarks you would want to hear anybody saying,” she said. “But I think remarks, something that’s said guy to guy in a locker room is lot different than people who act upon them, which Mr. Clinton did when he was President.”

Ponkowski is with the Michigan Conservative Coalition, which organized the demonstration.

There were a handful of clashes throughout the day between the pro-Trump crowd and Clinton supporters heading into the rally.