Trump's slumping polls may be affecting Michigan congressional race | Michigan Radio

Trump's slumping polls may be affecting Michigan congressional race

Oct 13, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s sagging poll numbers in Michigan may be behind a surprising rise in TV ad buys in one state congressional race.

Since actress Melissa Gilbert’s stumbling exit as a Democrat congressional candidate, Republican incumbent Mike Bishop appeared to have a clear path to re-election in the 8th District.  

But then again maybe not.

Substitute Democratic nominee Suzanna Shkreli is suddenly out spending Bishop on TV. During the week of October 3rd through the 10th, Shkreli spent twice as much on TV ads than Bishop.

Craig Mauger is with the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. He suggests Trump’s slump might be the reason.

“In the 8th there’s some mystery about what the impact of Donald Trump might be,” says Mauger, suggesting Trump’s poll slide might affect pivotal voters in Oakland County.

Two recent polls (Fox2 Detroit/Mitchell & Detroit News) put Democrat Hillary Clinton 10+ points ahead of Republican Donald Trump in Michigan.

Mauger says TV ad spending is well over a million dollars in two other Michigan congressional races.  

Michigan’s 1st and 7th District contests are rated as ‘leaning Republican’ by most analysts.