U of M students dig Calvin Harris, while MSU students favor Lana Del Rey

Sep 19, 2014

How do we know this?

Well, we don’t, but Spotify does.

The Swedish streaming music service released data on “How Students Listen” naming  the “Top 40 Musical Universities in America."

The report is an obvious way to attract attention to itself (and get more subscribers), but the data released is interesting in that it shows what these online services know about certain populations.

Both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan are named in their “Top 40” List.

Spotify says at U of M, subscribers listen to these artists the most:

While at MSU, these artists are the most listened to:

They go on to point out that U of M subscribers listen to Clean Bandit more than most other subscribers, and that Ed Sheeran is an “un-favorite” of this school.

At MSU, Twenty One Pilots trends higher than in other places, and Ariana Grande is a distinct “un-favorite.”

Here are the favored genres at the schools (Pop is still king, and Dance and Electronic music beats out Hip Hop and R&B):

Genres subscribers at U of M listen to on Spotify.
Credit Spotify
Genres subscribers at MSU listen to on Spotify.
Credit Spotify

They know when you are sleeping

The streaming service even goes so far as to peg the wake and sleep patterns at the schools. According to their stats, students at both schools go to bed around 12:45 a.m., but U of M students sleep in 15 minutes longer (waking around 10 a.m.)

Their listening time charts look like this:

The use pattern for Spotify at MSU. The company extrapolates sleep and wake patterns from this data.
Credit Spotify

So there you have it.

Data from the streaming service that some artists criticize for not kicking back to them enough.

We didn’t see any data on Vulfpek’s “Sleepify” album – the Ann Arbor band’s completely silent album that fans streamed in order to pay for the band’s tour. The band made $20,000.

Here’s how that trick worked:

We’ll hear how the band’s tour is going from Michigan Radio’s Emily Fox this Monday (they’re playing one of their concerts this Tuesday in A2).