Union groups protest looming unemployment benefits deadline

Dec 8, 2011

Union members and others picketed outside the offices of Michigan’s Republican congressmen today to protest the lack of a deal to extend unemployment benefits.

About three dozen protesters waved signs at honking motorists outside Congressman Mike Rogers Lansing office. They were there to draw attention to a deadline looming at the end of the month.

Sixty-six thousand Michiganders may lose their unemployment benefits in January if an extension is not passed

Protester Ronnie Rosner says this is a bad time to let unemployment benefits to expire.

“When the price of food… gas and other necessities are going up …when people can not afford to buy goods and services…our whole economy suffers," says Rosner.

Congressman Rogers’ office issued a written statement …expressing support for extending unemployment benefits. But he says… as important…is the need for policies promoting economic growth.